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  • Briar Rabbit

    Briar Rabbit

    Commanding the stage, Briar Rabbit achieves musical complexity without pretension, combines multi-layered lyrics with infectious melody, and presents self-awareness with a strong sense of honesty. It’s smart, catchy, and something we didn’t even know we needed.

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  • Project Film

    Project Film

    Project Film began as an idea meant mainly for instrumental tracks, like those found in the soundtracks of films (as heard on the track “Ink”). Songwriter and Tandem Shop owner, Sam McAllister, would record tracks in his parent’s basement in a small suburb of Minneapolis, MN and place them in a folder on his computer titled “Project Film,” thus the name. Horrible lack of name originality aside, the idea then grew to become a composition of two friends from high school, McAllister and close friend Megan Frestedt, who both moved to Chicago to attend school.

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  • Little Light

    Little Light

    Little Light is comprised of two very talented Chicago musicians Gia Margaret and Alain de Dourtenay. Alain de Courtenay writes songs rooted in sparse, unaffected, yet altogether powerful poetry.

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  • Christine Kent

    Christine Kent

    About Christine Kent Her guitar and voice have taken her throughout North America and Central America. She has played in Chicago, Atlanta’s Hard Rock Cafe, benefits and festival events around Atlanta – and all over the Midwest. This stellar solo artist ‘accidentally’ wound up at a Chicago suburban night spot and blew away every band on stage at a Battle of the Bands in June 2010. One girl with a guitar… Chicago’s North Side got a small taste of Christine’s […]

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  • Xoe Wise

    Xoe Wise

    About Xoe Wise Chicago singer-songwriter Xoe Wise has just released her sophomore album, Archive of Illusions, which reached #41 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, and was immediately placed in the music store’s “New and Noteworthy” section. Originally from a small town on the ocean in North Carolina, Wise moved to Chicago to pursue a music career. She burst onto the scene in 2009, collaborating with Ethan Stoller on her debut album, Echo. Stoller has contributed music to the DVD extras […]

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  • Harris & The Mood

    Harris & The Mood

    What started out as a typical summer day in Chicago quickly gave way to the treachery of impending thunderstorms and overcast skies.  Of course this all took place as a phalanx of rooftopers were converging on Navy Pier.  After much discussion and debate it was decided to damn the torpedoes and push forth regardless of the weather.   And boy are we glad we did.  What followed was none other than the full-bodied resurgence of that sweet motown sound, complete […]

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  • Bassel and the Supernaturals

    Bassel and the Supernaturals

    About Bassel and the Supernaturals Bassel Al-Madani’s sophomore effort, Submerged, was released in June 2010 at Used Kids Records in Columbus, Ohio. His first full-length album led to an array of interviews, write ups, and shows within the Midwest and Northeast regions. Shortly after the conclusion of his first four-week tour, Bassel was invited to perform at the Pelotonia opening ceremony with The Counting Crows & Augustana in the bike ride to end cancer. Since his relocation to Chicago in the fall […]

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  • The Field Auxiliary

    The Field Auxiliary

    About The Field Auxiliary The Field Auxiliary is a Chicago-based recording/performance ensemble initiated by the kinetic release of potential energy waveparticles via the limb tips of songer/wrongrighter Dan Smart and collaborators Rob Jensen, Jon Ozaksut, and Josh Kalvelage. Gaining in both gravity and, it follows, orbital rotation since 2008, The Field Auxiliary exhibits, both in performance and on record, a layered and multi-conversational experimental pop music that exists continuously and in tenuous accordance with various hopelessly irreconcilable catechisms.

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  • Heather Styka

    Heather Styka

    Heather Styka (Coldwater River) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. The performance for Rooftop Sessions Chicago of Heather Styka is accompanied by Sophie Weber on cello. About Heather Styka Chicago singer-songwriter Heather Styka’s songs are as fresh as they are rooted in the folk and Americana tradition, delivered by a warm and soulful voice.  Also a poet and writer, Styka has an instinct for lyrics that are smart and unexpected but never cryptic, analyzing the importance of moments, places, and […]

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  • We Are The Willows

    We Are The Willows

    WE ARE THE WILLOWS (WEDDING SONG) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. We Are The Willows is the project of one singer/songwriter Peter Michael Miller. He writes, arranges, and performs most all of the sounds you hear on his recordings. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and when he’s not on the road playing tunes he can be found recording music in his basement or watching “Boy Meets World”. With his newest release, Places, Peter attempts to capture moments in time, people […]

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  • Plume Giant

    Plume Giant

    On the first snowy day of the season, we ventured out to record Plume Giant over near the Drake Hotel.  Unfortunately, due to the falling snow, we had to cancel our original plans and roll with the changes.  Fortunately, the band proved what seasoned (flexible) professionals they are and we ended up down the street in the pedestrian tunnel underneath Lake Shore Drive.  Despite the passing joggers, bikers, and other flora and fauna of the city, we were able to […]

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  • Stolen Silver

    Stolen Silver

    Despite often near gale force winds, local guys Stolen Silver performed an amazing three song set for the rooftop sessions. The first song, Circles, showcases the band as a harmony driven folk pop master in Chicago. This was the second session in a series on our compatriot Jim’s roof in the swinging Logan Square neighborhood. These guys are the real deal!  This was made quite obvious as soon as I heard the audio from my on-board camera mic and it […]

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