Harris & The Mood

What started out as a typical summer day in Chicago quickly gave way to the treachery of impending thunderstorms and overcast skies.  Of course this all took place as a phalanx of rooftopers were converging on Navy Pier.  After much discussion and debate it was decided to damn the torpedoes and push forth regardless of the weather.   And boy are we glad we did.  What followed was none other than the full-bodied resurgence of that sweet motown sound, complete with blistering horns, rocking rhythm section, and all of the soulful vocals you could want.  Check out this awesome performance by Harris and The Mood, live from WBEZ.

We would like to say a special thanks to all of the amazing people that came together to make this one happen.  MAD PROPS to Breeze from WBEZ for graciously accommodating us, to Mr Drew, The Gary, Ms Paola, Dr Johnson and his lady, and of course, to Bill and silent J for their amazing dexterity and flexibility. Most sincerest gratitude and thanks to one and all.

Harris and the Mood (Rooftop Sessions Chicago at WBEZ) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO

About Harris & The Mood

With a rhythm section deep rooted in “the Motown sound”, guitars that can drive a live performance from simply sweet soul music to an unmistakable rock show, a horn section that will make you wonder where all the burlesque dancers are and a singer who was raised singing hymnals in the pew on sunday and Marvin Gaye on the ride home, The Mood will keep you dancing from the first beat to the last and have you humming their songs well into the next week.