We certainly can’t say we’ve done it alone.  Lots of folks behind the scenes have helped to put this project together and kept it going.  From production assistance, camera operators, lighting techs, set-strike crew, audio assistance, still photography, slate, or giving us a place to shoot, we couldn’t have done it without their help. We would like to take the time to acknowledge and thank everyone who’s helped us in the creation and continued support for this project:

Neal Renzi
Johnson “Renji” Norsouvanh
Bill Coleman
Jay Coleman
Paola Ignatova
Ivan Mihov
Jim Frey
Matthew Flowers
Kyle Hamman
Lance Thomas
James Beck
Patrick Ritter
John Taylor
Jared McMahan
Jessica Pickett
Nathan Rosen Share
Guy Corl
Gus Capone
Ray Teresi
Gary Melder
Jeff Galles
Mike “Corndog” Morris
Warren Gandy
Breeze Richardson
Don Hall
Tyler Greene
Alison King
Chris Bennett

…the countless homeowners and businesses who’ve let us onto their roof!

IMG_0387f copy

We’d also like to thank the following organizations for their assistance with venue, production logistics, or gear:

Sofar Productions
Uncommon Ground
SPACE in Evanston
Ronald McDonald House