Little Light

Nov. 3, 2010 – Little Light may well be one of the most promising up-and-comers in the Chicago Land area.  This particular session was the coldest one we have shot to date and yet they still pull off the intricate harmonies and delicate guitar playing that have become their signature sound.  You can actually see their breath as they struggle to shake off the cold, refusing to let a little hypothermia slow them down.


In this song Gia and Alain showcase their musical versatility. Not only can they sing but also pull off an amazing quiet guitar solo while playing in the miserable Chicago weather. To this day we’re all amazed that both of their fingers could hold the chords on their guitars, and that the guitars could stay in tune long enough to get the take!


Shutter Speed, Little Light’s closing track from that evening, exhibits their tremendous capabilities for writing both haunting melodies and engaging harmonies.  Joel our engineer still keeps this track with him in his car and states, that unequivocally, this was his favorite song from that year.

About Little Light

Little Light is comprised of two very talented Chicago musicians Gia Margaret and Alain de Dourtenay. Alain de Courtenay writes songs rooted in sparse, unaffected, yet altogether powerful poetry. A 26 year-old Chicago native, Alain has exhausted nearly a decade developing this rare and distinctive writing style, consistently producing music that moves, evokes, and inspires. He is currently promoting his debut album, “The Pregnant Letter,” in addition to finalizing new material for his second album to be released in 2011. Gia Margaret is a mystery to many the only things on record that we were able to find is that she attended Columbia College and that her beautiful voice crosses all musical boundaries (no passport needed).