Project Film

About Project Film

Project Film began as an idea meant mainly for instrumental tracks, like those found in the soundtracks of films (as heard on the track “Ink”). Songwriter and Tandem Shop owner, Sam McAllister, would record tracks in his parent’s basement in a small suburb of Minneapolis, MN and place them in a folder on his computer titled “Project Film,” thus the name. Horrible lack of name originality aside, the idea then grew to become a composition of two friends from high school, McAllister and close friend Megan Frestedt, who both moved to Chicago to attend school.

Potentially disrupting sleeping neighbors, Project Film’s debut record, Chicago, was mostly recorded in McAllister’s small studio apartment during the fall and winter months of late 2009 and early 2010. McAllister, who self-produced the record, is responsible for the majority of the writing and plays all the instruments on the band’s debut. Frestedt sings backing vocals, and plays keyboards in live performances.

Balancing between ethereal and dark and sweet and soulful, sometimes even strikingly righteous, Chicago is a mostly-happy-but-on-occasion-a-little-grim indie-pop record featuring ten tracks about skinny jeans, drug trafficking, and the intransience of the entire city of Minneapolis, MN. And just for good measure: growing up, art school, and the trials of starting a new life in a new city.