• We Are The Willows

    We Are The Willows

    WE ARE THE WILLOWS (WEDDING SONG) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. We Are The Willows is the project of one singer/songwriter Peter Michael Miller. He writes, arranges, and performs most all of the sounds you hear on his recordings. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and when he’s not on the road playing tunes he can be found recording music in his basement or watching “Boy Meets World”. With his newest release, Places, Peter attempts to capture moments in time, people […]

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  • The Elbo Room with Bobroarmen

    The Elbo Room with Bobroarmen

    So this month, couple of us Rooftop Sessions guys decided to come out and support a local act Bobroarmen at the Elbo Room.  Our expectation of the venue was very low.  In the past, we remember the place sounding not so good and the lights used to suck. We were all collectively pleasantly surprised. The staff was amazing and friendly, the drinks specials were more than reasonable (shot of Jameson plus Tall Boys  $3), and the venue sounded so much better […]

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  • Jennifer Hall at the Subterranean

    Jennifer Hall at the Subterranean

    by Joan McNeal It’s a rare thing to be surprised these days.  In this heady era of rampant cynicism and pseudo intellectualism, we’re so often plagued with the knowledge that we’ve been there and done that.  In most every case this is sadly quite true.  So it is a rare thing when something hits unexpectedly and shakes us out of the boring, apathetic stranglehold that we’ve become so accustomed to. This was exactly the case this past Saturday night at the Subterranean.  Several acts […]

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  • Space in Evanston with Dave Tamkin and Mike Mangione

    Space in Evanston with Dave Tamkin and Mike Mangione

    Mike Mangione and the Union from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. Mike Mangione and the Union from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. Although our time is very limited, we ended up venturing of to the Space in Evanston to see  Mike Mangione and the Union with Dave Tamkin . We ended up shooting couple of videos of live performance and we figured we will just let the video do the talking. We thought that both the acts as well the […]

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  • Plume Giant

    Plume Giant

    On the first snowy day of the season, we ventured out to record Plume Giant over near the Drake Hotel.  Unfortunately, due to the falling snow, we had to cancel our original plans and roll with the changes.  Fortunately, the band proved what seasoned (flexible) professionals they are and we ended up down the street in the pedestrian tunnel underneath Lake Shore Drive.  Despite the passing joggers, bikers, and other flora and fauna of the city, we were able to […]

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  • Stolen Silver

    Stolen Silver

    Despite often near gale force winds, local guys Stolen Silver performed an amazing three song set for the rooftop sessions. The first song, Circles, showcases the band as a harmony driven folk pop master in Chicago. This was the second session in a series on our compatriot Jim’s roof in the swinging Logan Square neighborhood. These guys are the real deal!  This was made quite obvious as soon as I heard the audio from my on-board camera mic and it […]

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  • Tom Schraeder and His Ego

    Tom Schraeder and His Ego

    This was our first shoot at this fabulous Logan Square rooftop.  Tom and Dan performed four riveting songs, and as the night progressed, a small crowd of local bar hoppers came up to join us in the fun. Two other people who make cameo in this video are our friend  Jonathan from Good Evening Chicago (guy carrying the PBR) and Jim ( hanging on top of the edge of the roof, wearing an orange shirt; he is the guy thanks to […]

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  • Jenny Dragon

    Jenny Dragon

    When Jenny Dragon invited us do to a session on their friends roof in the south loop/Maxwell st. neighborhood of Chicago, we had no idea just how great a view of the city we would have until we got there.  After trudging up not three or four, but FIVE flights of stairs we were greeted with hands down the most spectacular view that we have ever been privileged to capture!  Couple that with an outstanding old-time, folksy sound and an […]

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  • Jennifer Hall

    Jennifer Hall

    Despite the threatening rain, and heavy fog, Jennifer Hall and friends were able to showcase their soulful and sultry vibes.  Great vocals, tight keys, and punchy guitar showcase this group’s deep-seated talent and artistry. JENNIFER HALL (Like I lie to you) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. Like I Lie to You is an emotionally driven song that showcases Jennifer’s amazing vocal flexibility.  I will never forget the moment I first heard her voice coming through the headphones.  I never […]

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  • Bone & Bell

    Bone & Bell

    This was one of the most challenging shoots to date; between sneaking equipment onto the ferris wheel, the roaring wind and laughing children, overhead speakers blaring “Sweet Home Chicago”, and a tight timeframe to do the shoot, it was a bleeding miracle that we were actually able to pull it off. The entire shoot only lasted 10 minutes (or more specifically, one turn around the wheel). Without any trouble Heather, like the true pro that she is, was able to […]

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  • Guy Corl

    Guy Corl

    GUY CORL (Skeleton City) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. GUY CORL (Winner) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. About Guy Corl Guy Grace (Corl) was born during the winter of 1978 to a good home in the dying steel town of Youngstown Ohio. Though his young childhood was a happy one, the family was uprooted by economic development westward, and resettled in the small northwestern town of Bryan Ohio during the late 1980s. Cut from their roots, each member […]

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  • Rue Royale

    Rue Royale

    Halfway blind was the first of the three songs performed by Rue Royale. The location for the video is the original location for the rooftop sessions (Old Irving Park neighborhood; north side of Chicago) In the beginning of the video, there is a shot of the band coming to the sessions. The white-haired gentleman helping the band with their equipment is in fact not homeless, but rather one of our original camera operators. J Coleman who was kind enough to […]

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