• Bailiff


    When Josh Siegel confided to one of his Berklee professors that he was dropping out to move home and start a band, that professor had one response: “don’t procrastinate.” A Craigslist ad went up immediately upon Siegel’s return to Chicago: Do you consider Radiohead to be soul music? Do you hear Muddy Waters in between the notes on the White Album?

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  • Beso


    Beso is a pop project based in Chicago. It is a solo project by Matt Kissinger, currently going through a rock phase. He uses his melody driven music and sharp vocals to drive the songs. Maybe his next songs will be chill, maybe not. Who knows?

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  • Jared Bartman

    Jared Bartman

    Jared Bartman is a songwriter, composer, and bandleader based in Peoria, IL. Merging genres to create a sound that is all his own, Bartman combines indie, American folk, Eastern European, and afro-Cuban music with classical arrangements, occasionally returning to his rock and roll roots. Today, Bartman’s live shows span from solo performances to large ensemble performances featuring vocal harmonies, string quartet, bass, and percussion accompaniment that recreates the vivid sonic pictures captured in his studio recordings. Sharing the stage with artists like John Vanderslice, Richard Buckner, and Night Beds has allowed Bartman to perform for audiences that value a richer, raw sound driven by poetic lyricism. A new full-length record, Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows, saw release in fall of 2013.

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  • VRO


    VRO (elemental) Elemental was the third song we shot on this outing. This was a new location along the banks of the Chicago River front. The original location was going to be the bench on the lower level but upon arriving found it to be quite occupied by employees of the Chicago water taxi. Having no fear of public performance, Victoria decided to just “jump in and roll with it” from the top of the staircase leading down to the […]

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  • American Wolf

    American Wolf

    American Wolf is a five-piece indie rock band from Chicago, comprised of strong folk and jazz influences, technical melodies, haunting vocals, and an abundance of atmospheric ambiance. They seek to complement each others’ ideas to create a harmoniously unique, driving, and memorable sound. American Wolf has released two full length albums: Tales of Kamanakera and Myriad, and are currently in the studio recording another to be released this year.

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  • Angelina Lucero

    Angelina Lucero

    We had the chance to work with Angelina Lucero early in 2012. At the tip of North Avenue beach, we set up for an intimate performance for our Ugly Lamp series. She certainly didn’t disappoint playing beautiful music during the crisp Spring night.

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  • Renegade Lightning Rebellion

    Renegade Lightning Rebellion

    Partnering with the Ronald McDonald House and Renegade Lighting Rebellion gave Rooftop Sessions Chicago a new perspective on things from their 16th floor rooftop. Tucked away in a stunning new building we were privileged to gain access to this unique venue overlooking the downtown skyline.

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  • The Kickback

    The Kickback

    The group’s music (with songs exploring journalists banding together in the early 1980s to battle the decline of print journalism through sheer ultra-violence to the emasculation of trying to protect the woman you love in a city you don’t understand in a body you know is eventually going in the ground) have earned the group wide praise from Rolling Stone, Sound Opinions contributor Jim Derogatis, You Ain’t No Picasso, the Chicago Tribune, and many more.

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  • Mooner


    Comprised of former members of New Zealand black metal group Crib Deth and Atlanta art-rockers Yoko Bono, Mooner perfectly blend improvisational savagery, post-punk wit, and pre-classical silence.

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  • Hemmingbirds


    Hemmingbirds is an indie pop rock band based out of Chicago, IL. The band began as a solo project of singer/guitarist/violist Yoo Soo Kim in the fall of 2009. The name is loosely inspired by Ernest Hemingway and a Fleet Foxes track that sings about hummingbirds and meadowlarks.

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  • Shiloh


    Rambunctious local rockers Shiloh have a knack for hodgepodges that feel slightly, delightfully off: their songs might contain any combination of playful bar-rock piano, poppy 60s harmony vocals, pained alt-country bleating, fuzzy slacker riffs, garage-band jangle, somber country slide guitar, and acoustic antifolk strumming.

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  • Emil Landman

    Emil Landman

    As a solo artist, Emil is humble, but those who have heard him play now know, that it’s only a matter of time before he will join the bigger names. The lyrics are pure, personal, yet universal and the melodies are incredibly catchy without being “Pop”

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