VRO (elemental)

Elemental was the third song we shot on this outing. This was a new location along the banks of the Chicago River front. The original location was going to be the bench on the lower level but upon arriving found it to be quite occupied by employees of the Chicago water taxi. Having no fear of public performance, Victoria decided to just “jump in and roll with it” from the top of the staircase leading down to the taxi landing.  Even though it might not seem like much on this video there was about a 30 foot drop behind Victoria.  We were scared shi@/!!less. Thankfully everything worked out and the video looks cool.  And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters!

<full disclosure – we were really close to Victoria just in case she lost her balance> <<smile>>…

VRO (Share the love)

This song was actually shot on board the Chicago Water Taxi as we cruised down the mighty Chicago River.  The captain of the Water Taxi (and the crew) was extremely gracious to let us make this one happen (Did we mention we love the Chicago Water Taxi?).   We ended up taking at least 2 rides up and down the river during which time we actually ended up getting two videos done!  If you listen carefully to the ending you can actually here the boat bouncing up to the dock as we wrapped the take!

For those who might be interested a trip on the Water Taxi themselves, it costs only $2 (or you can buy a day pass for only $6).  It’s a great way to see the city, or shoot a music video!

VRO (Bails of Cayles)

About VRO

(from her bio)

I come from a land not to far from here,
And I was put on this earth to express.