The Elbo Room with Bobroarmen

So this month, couple of us Rooftop Sessions guys decided to come out and support a local act Bobroarmen at the Elbo Room.  Our expectation of the venue was very low.  In the past, we remember the place sounding not so good and the lights used to suck. We were all collectively pleasantly surprised. The staff was amazing and friendly, the drinks specials were more than reasonable (shot of Jameson plus Tall Boys  $3), and the venue sounded so much better than we can remember sounding in the past.   Both the audio engineer and the lighting guy were really working as though they really cared about what they were doing.  We were all really shocked by how much love they were putting into what they were doing.  Overall we would like to give the Elbo Room BIG thumbs up!  For sure we would like to recommend the Elbo Room to all that like to get out and see local acts.