Bone & Bell

This was one of the most challenging shoots to date; between sneaking equipment onto the ferris wheel, the roaring wind and laughing children, overhead speakers blaring “Sweet Home Chicago”, and a tight timeframe to do the shoot, it was a bleeding miracle that we were actually able to pull it off. The entire shoot only lasted 10 minutes (or more specifically, one turn around the wheel). Without any trouble Heather, like the true pro that she is, was able to overcome the elements and perform wonderfully without a hitch. What made this shoot worth the trouble was the mesmerizing city skyline that you see in the background.

BONE & BELL (The Death of the Caspian Sea) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo.


About Bone & Bell

Bone & Bell is part breath, part bellow. Led by artist and multi-instrumentalist Heather Smith, Bone & Bell combines haunting vocal harmonies and finger picking patterns to create a dissonant prayer: both heavenly and tension-filled. The core of the sound centers around Heather’s voice, a velvet blend of Sharon Van Etten’s intimacy and Grace Slick’s power. When coupled with dreamy guitars and psychedelic organs, it creates a sound not unlike a Twin Peak’s interpretation of Neko Case.

The beginning:
Beginnings are often simple. For Bone & Bell, it all started with a baritone ukulele and a voice. Over the years, Heather accumulated a series of ukuleles, as well as other instruments, and with them wrote a series of songs. Loom, Bone & Bell’s first EP, is a sampling of those songs. It was recorded at home by Jason Tuller and was released September 2010.

The build:
Just six months after releasing Loom on the internet, Bone & Bell was opening for Oscar award-winning Marketa Irglova (Tomorrow Never Knows Festival), performing live on National Public Radio (WBEZ’s 848) and recording a session at Daytrotter. The remaining year has included highlights such as opening for Peter Bjorn & John and playing the first Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements Festival.

The future:
Bone & Bell has evolved over time. What was once a solo effort has become a quintet. Heather recently joined forces with Ryan Farnham (drums- formerly of Catfish Haven), Rick Roberts (bass, keys) and Jason Tuller (guitar, bass).