Ugly Lamp Series


In addition to working on top of roofs we are also interested in expanding the idea of capturing performances in unique environments. So, if you have access to an interesting looking backyard, courtyard, sewer or meat locker with some room for a band? Why not, we’ll come to you. Wherever it is, whatever it is, we are willing to explore the idea of shooting in unique and interesting places around Chicago. As a result the ugly lamp series was born.    As it would have it the logistics of putting the lamp in public places is a lot more challenging than it looks on paper.  Heads turn when you walk across Michigan Ave, Navy Pier, the beach, upon water taxi or other public places with a lamp on your shoulder.  Although the ugly lamp never really adds to the a statics of the shoot; what the lamp does is creates excitement and fun element to the outdoor sessions.  As a result the ugly lamp have become our fifth Beatle. Hope you all enjoy this series as much as we do MAKING IT.