About Roarmen

The year is 2020. The day is Friday the 13th.

While the clouds of winter darken the skies, night bleeds into day throughout the northern hemisphere, and society drifts through a darkened sea of emotion, we submit for your approval and your catharsis, Roarmen’s homage to the coping mechanisms of your youth in “Black on Black on Black”.

For a brief moment, dive deeper into the darkness. Revel in the forgotten gothic exuberance that pulled you through then to find renewed strength for today.

In a time when cranking it to 11 just isn’t enough…this one goes to 13.

What better way to celebrate another Halloween than by resurrecting some ancient ghosts from the past?  Well, maybe not exactly ancient, but it has been a while…  Rooftop Sessions Chicago is excited to announce our return from the grave by presenting our first video from local rockers, Roarmen!  RSC was stoked to get our feet wet again working with Roarmen on our very first socially distanced live concert stream event earlier this month.  Check out the initial release from the night, Roarmen performing Goddamned Ghost, live from Algonquin!