The Lulabelles

We here at RSC were excited to get to work with The Lulabelles as part of our 2014 High Fidelity summer concert series with WBEZ.  That night the Chicago Public Media’s Navy Pier terrace hosted Pat McKillan, The One Two Three, Communist Daughter, and this incredible band.  Big thanks go out to meetingAV for providing PA and Goose Island brewery for sponsoring  the event.

About The Lulabelles

The Lulabelles’ beginnings as a group can be traced back to the fall of 2013, and a series of weekly jam sessions held between then casual friends. These nights of conversation and mid-90′s cover songs quickly evolved into something they never saw coming; a band. The name came first (a childhood nickname of Sean’s fiance, Kristyn) and then they began the writing process. They learned that each of them has a strong desire to create original music that expresses their fears, hopes, and dreams. Through their various backgrounds in church, country, folk, and rock music they have been able to begin constructing a sound that reflects their individuality. Above all else, they hope that you will find meaning in their words and a tap in your foot.