Neal Renzi

In The Light is the first of several covers performed by Rooftops own Neal Renzi. Neal was one of our original camera operators who agreed to let us record him as a test run. We all knew that Neal could sing, but we never anticipated the performance that would follow. Instead of just doing a test run, Neal actually became an official Rooftop Session.


Neal Renzi (Veni Come Si)

By this point we had all understood that Mr. Renzi was a stunning performer. Not only could this man handle a camera, but he could sing and play the guitar as well. We thought that we had seen it all until a quiet moment when we were resetting the camera for another take and he dropped this little ditty on us. We actually had to convince him to let us record this, as he didn’t think it was good enough for a capture. We’ll let history decide if he was right or not…