Crow Moses

About Crow Moses

Chicago songwriters walks the line between Indie-Blues & Urban Americana.

Borrowing elements of Experimental Folk and broken-down Orchestral music, Crow Moses grew up listening to his father’s obscure folk and roots rock records.

With a propensity toward heartbreaking ballads and melodic melodrama, Crow Moses’ songs survive the bite of a Chicago Winter and the soul of a Midwestern bon-fire.

Crow Moses (formerly Musikanto) is set to release his new record Horse Heaven Hills on September 9, 2015. Produced by legendary alt-country trailblazer Gary Louris of The Jayhawks, Horse Heaven Hills is a flavorful landscape of hard rocking Americana and lonesome folk tunes. Horse Heaven Hills blurs the genre lines in the same authentic way as Musikanto did on his previous releases. Every song is picturesque and evocative, like different chapters in the life of a vagabond cowboy.

“Half the songs were written on the road and half were written in the studio, I like the pressure,” Moses states. Horse Heaven Hills melds the now-ness and intimacy of Leonard Cohen with solo acoustic tunes, but doesn’t shy away from his rich Americana history with shimmering pedal steels and rich vocal harmonies. The collaboration between Moses and Louris was organic and splendid as they came together to wonderfully blend their luscious Mid- western harmonies into a masterpiece for 2014 cross-country road-trips and beyond.